We believe in simplicity. We give help in your business, developing solutions that respond to the questions of management and work organization.
Because a good organization is the foundation of a great success.

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SIPLUS’s aim is the need to develop IT solutions that meet the needs of organization and planning resources within different production companies.
Since years we are successfully developing business solutions for the healthcare sector (with special interest in ophthalmology and general medicine), for engineering, architecture and planning offices.

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The advanced tool for every ophthalmologist, that allows you to easily and professionally organize patient data, from first visit to final billing

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    A real digital medical record that collects all patient data (reports, medical history, laboratory analysis, diagnosis, therapy) and arranges them in order to improve the care process.

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      The software allows to manage every aspect of a technical project. From offer preparation to the project management and related issuance of invoices.

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        The tool allows to calculate the heating of the building in compliance with SIA 380/1 standard.

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          The tool allows the representation of interactive GIS cadastral maps of a municipality; the ideal tool for the daily accompaniment of an engineering departments.

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            • Angelo Bernasconi
              Angelo BernasconiDipl. Phys. ETH, dr. sc. nat.

              Software Developer

            • Nicola Dellea
              Nicola DelleaDipl. El. Ing. ETH

              Software Developer

            • Radu Sabau
              Radu SabauIng. Informatica ETH

              Software Developer

            • Johnny Losi
              Johnny LosiDipl. ing. informatica SUP

              Software Developer

            • Paolo Pasinelli
              Paolo PasinelliMSc CS UNIFR

              Software Developer

            • Roman Dulak
              Roman DulakStudente SUPSI

              Software Developer

            • Paolo Bernasconi
              Paolo Bernasconidr. med. Ophth. &
              Ophth.-chirurgie FMH

              consulente medico

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              For 15 years we develop with you the best solutions for managing your company

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              If you want to know even more about our products, please contact us. Fill out the form and we will reply as soon as possible!

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              +41 (0)91 936 11 11
              +41 (0)91 936 11 11
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